2013 Forecast 2013 Book.

Written by Raymond Merriman   

It’s that time of the year again!

Forecast 2013


The Forecast 2013 Book is now out as of December 12, 2012! And the e-Book version is also out! For those who place their orders before the books are delivered by the printer, you should receive your copies by Christmas.

 MMA’s annual Forecast Book, written by Raymond A. Merriman since 1976, is one of the most unique, affordable, and accurate glimpses into the coming year. Utilizing the study of cycles and geocosmic factors, this annual Forecast book outlines forthcoming trends pertaining to political, economic, and financial markets throughout the world. 2012 is now over and we can see that several forecasts made in the 2012 book have unfolded. We will list a couple of the forecasts below as of August 10, but for a more inclusive list, please go to http://www.mmacycles.com/the-news/about-mma/scorecard-for-forecast-2012/.

•    Currencies: “Both currencies (Euro and Swiss Franc) are likely to top out before June 2012, and probably before the end of March. Each will likely top out below their highs of 2011, and then begin a decline to levels below their lows of 2011 by December 2012-June 2013.” The Euro topped out at 1.3486 on February 24, then fell to a low of 1.2040 on July 24. This was below its low of 2011. The high and low of the year in the Swiss Franc was on the same dates.

•    Grains: “Intermediate-term cycle lows are due in Corn in December 2011, +/- 6 months, Soybeans in September 2011, +/- 7 months, and Wheat in September 2012 +/- 6 months. Once these lows are in, my expectation is that all grains will soar into the Uranus-Pluto square of June 2012-March 2015, with the most likely period of a top in 2013-2014. Both Corn and Soybeans could make new highs then, but with Wheat, it is less certain.” That is exactly what has happened as Corn made its intermediate-term low on June 1, 2012 and Soybeans on December 14, 2011. Both then soared to a new all-time high in July-August. Wheat bottomed December 9, 2011, and rallied also into July-August, but not to a new all-time high.

•    Treasury Notes (10-Year)“The study of both cycles and geocosmics suggests that the peak in the U.S. Treasury market could be realized anytime from late 2011 through 2012. From there, prices are scheduled to decline into the 6-, 3-, and 2-year cycle troughs due January-July 2013. It is possible that the 10-Year Notes could rally slightly further, to 133-136, before mid-2012.” As of this writing in mid-August 2012, the T-Notes have risen to 135/29 on June 1, a new all-time high, but still within our price target given last year.

•    The USA Stock Market (Dow Jones Industrial Average)“A more normal bull market rally would find prices rallying up to 13,666 +/- 488 or 14,363 +/- 932, and topping out near the middle of the cycle (say June 2012, +/- 3 months).”  The high of the year in the DJIA as of this writing has been 13,338 on May 1.

•    Crude Oil: “Crude Oil’s 4-year cycle is due to top out sometime before July 2012, either around 110-117, 125.90 +/- 11.05, or 157.38 +/- 14.75. Prices could then drop sharply back below 80.00/barrel in late 2012 through early 2013. Watch closely the period around June 26. +/- 2 weeks.” The yearly high was 110.55 on March 1 and the low was 77.28 on June 28.

And of course: the all-important Critical Reversal Dates. Many of the 2012 critical reversal dates given for various markets have been impressive. As of August 15, there were 8 critical reversal dates given for grains, 7 corresponded to significant reversals within 4 trading days, including the yearly high and low in Wheat, and yearly highs in Wheat, Corn and Soybeans. Of the 9 critical reversal dates listed for currencies, eight coincided with a reversal in the Euro and Swiss currencies within 3 days, including the yearly high in both, plus the yearly low in the Japanese Yen. 10 reversal dates were listed for Gold and Silver. Of those, 8 were nearby to fairly powerful reversals within 0-4 trading days, including the low of the year in each (at different times). In the U.S. stock market, there were 6 listed critical reversal dates. In 4 cases, significant reversals happened within 0-3 days, and a fifth instance if the NASDAQ was included. The high of the year in the S&P was in this group.

Do you think this kind of accuracy would be valuable to traders? You betcha!


We are pleased to announce that the cost of this year’s book of $55.00 (plus postage) will remain the same as last year. Additionally we will offer Forecast 2013 in e-book format at these same prices, although the e-book may not contain the planetary calendar and ephemeris in the back, as will be the case in the printed hard copy editions. But there will be no postage costs with the e-book. The 2013 Forecast book will also be available through Apple iPhone 4 and 4S, iPad, and Amazon.com Kindle, but will not be available as quickly as the hard copy or our own electronic version. The electronic book version from Apple or Amazon.com will have to be ordered directly through them once the book passes their approval process, probably in mid-December.

    Please note that you may order this year’s Forecast 2013 book by express (“expedited”) mail for faster and more reliable delivery if you wish. Just check the appropriate box on the order form. We cannot guarantee timely delivery for any orders that are sent standard or priority mail.


There is only one printing of these books each year, and when they are out, they are out! No additional printings. Keep in mind these books make wonderful holiday gifts for your friends, family, congressional representative, broker, and financial advisors. As is the case every year, the annual Forecast Book is written in October and November, printed in December, and pre-publication orders are mailed out by December 15.


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